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Liberals claim moral high-ground? Really?

You want a rant? You got one!  

I didn’t hear anyone in the church shouting “impeach, impeach” while president Obama was slowly introducing the transgender and gay curriculum/agenda into America’s schools, military and bathrooms! No one seemed to say anything actually! Where were the court cases? Where was the outrage?
No one said anything about the 25th amendment back then even though all of that is actually mentally unstable. Today 17% of California students consider themselves “non-binary”. This is a direct assault on the beliefs of the Bible and Torah, yet so little outrage!

Where was the outrage in the church when the courts re-defined marriage and changed its definition right before our eyes? No one seemed to protest this. Sunday services went on without even mentioning this in most of America’s churches that week. Crickets.

Where was the outrage when Hillary Clinton and president Obama approved the sale of 20% of US uranium to the same country that the deep state wants to go to war with, then in that same presidency after we sold them the uranium, we actually surrounded them militarily and almost started WW3, yet no one even cared. It was like business as usual. No one called anyone crazy back then!

Where was the outrage and calls for impeachment when the United States legalized the slaughter of innocent babies that has resulted in the biggest a genocide in the history of the world-61,000,000 just here in the US alone since 1973. A direct sacrifice to Baal from the evil elites that worship Lucifer. And yet, almost no mention of it at all. Everyday we just ignore it.

Where is the outrage when the US CIA under the Obama administration ran guns to MS13, terror organizations (fast and furious) like ISIS and “freedom fighters” that eventually overthrew Libya, and caused that nation to be a failed state? Simultaneously causing the Arab spring which led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of refugees and the killing of thousands upon thousands of Christians. All the while flooding Europe with fighting age men that have reeked havoc on the population of Germany, France, and many surrounding nation states. Rapes, murders-all time highs….and Muslim no-go zones. Yet where is the outrage? We remain silent. I am not even mentioning what happened in Benghazi. (A whole other misjustice!)

Where was the outrage when the US went to war in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction and then later we found out it was a lie? Just like the gulf of Tonkin. Just like so many other things that we expose all the time, and yet people remain silent. They don’t even research it or care. Even though the proof is right in front of their face.

Where is the outrage against the trafficking of women and children that continues till this day? How about the deep state that is funded by the trafficking of opium in Afghanistan which also funds their black ops-a lot of which makes its way back to the US mainland. The Bush family criminals-I could go on about their close ties to the Bin Laden’s? The banking elites that rob the citizenry? The Fed that manipulates monetary policy to enrich the 1%? What about the one-party establishment that wants a one world global government and a borderless society?

And on and on and on. Yet after all those things and so many more that I haven’t mentioned yet….the people choose to get mad at Trump…why? Because the media (who is also completely controlled by the same people who did the things above) tells us HE out of all the others mentioned….HE….the man trying to free us from all that stuff and straighten out this mess….HE….is the one that is crazy. And if we actually believe that….WE are the crazy ones!

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